Simpl is better healthcare, made easier and more organized. 

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We organize and sort all your medication & supplements for you.

Simpl organizes all your prescriptions, non-prescription medications and supplements for you.  Each Simpl Pack is pre-sorted and organized by your pharmacist with no extra cost to you. There are several formats of Simpl packaging. You can choose the one that is right for you.

Check out the collection of Simpl Packs available now or click here to request a phone call from your nearest Simpl pharmacy.  


Simpl Pouch

Flexible Timing and Discreet.    
Simpl Pouches can be one a day, two per day, or however many times you need. Each pouch is filled and printed in sequence so that all your meds are in exactly the right order. Each pouch is labelled with its contents and the date and time to be taken. If you grab a few to take with you to work or on a vacation, you can always tell which pouch is which. Simpl pouches come in an attractive dispensing box letting you easily pull off each pouch as you need it.  

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Simpl Pods

Portable, Environmentally Smart, Sturdy and Strong
Simpl Pods give you exactly one week of medication in each sheet, with perforated edges to allow you to tear off pods one at a time and take them with you wherever you are going. We also offer a Simpl pod carrier that you can use to take two pods with your for your mid day and/or evening meds for days when you are going to be out and about.  The Simpl Pods are made with recyclable plastic taking good care of the planet while taking care of yourself. 

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Simpl Books

Organized, Difficult to Misplace, Helps Track Patterns of Forgetting
Simpl Books organize all your meds for one week into a convenient booklet.  If forgetting to take meds is an issue, the Simpl book helps you and your pharmacist see and address any patterns in forgotten meds. Simpl Books also offer the advantage of being difficult to misplace.  

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