Safe Drug Disposal


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Safe Drug Disposal

Expired and unused prescription medications are often left lying in medicine cabinets and cupboards. This leads to their potential misuse and abuse.

Adults and seniors may inadvertently take expired or unused prescription medications that are no longer effective. This can have dangerous interactions with other medications.

Drugs that have been prescribed to treat a medical condition, or ones that are sold over-the-counter, may not be safe for everyone. Safe disposal of unused and expired drugs ensures they do not end up in the wrong hands.


You can return your unused and expired medications to Primrose Pharmacy or any pharmacy in Canada any day of the year.


In addition, some municipalities and local police forces offer take-back programs. These programs provide safe and easy ways to dispose of unused and expired drugs and health products we have in our homes.

Drugs collected in take-back programs include:

  • prescription drugs

  • over-the-counter medications

  • natural health products

For more information, please contact our pharmacy 780-487-7270 and ask for assistance.

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Primrose Pharmacy now has Ecolo-vials! These vials can easily be transformed from safety to easy open with just the break of a tab. They are made of 100% polypropylene (PP) which is a recyclable material and its innovative design with includes an attached lid.

Blister Packing, Safe Drug Disposal

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