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new prescriptions

Dispensing includes all of the steps necessary to translate a medication order (prescription) into an individualized medication supply that is both safe and appropriate. Below is a very brief description of what a typical visit to your local pharmacy may look like:

New Prescription

A detailed description of the dispensing process can be viewed below:

1. Input & Initial Check (Do we have all of the information we need?) 

  • Prescriber details
  • Patient details (age, weight, medical conditions, allergies, etc.)
  • Medical insurance coverage details
  • Confirm medication/items to be dispensed
  • Confirm indication
  • Preference details (safety caps, etc)
  • Prescription meets legal requirements (date, drug, strength, instructions, signature, etc)

2. Therapeutic Check (Is the prescription right for you?) 

  • Ensure dosage is both safe and appropriate based on age, weight, etc.
  • Ensure the medication is compatible with current medical conditions and allergies
  • Ensure the medication is compatible with other medications being taken
  • Ensure the prescription is appropriate for the condition being treated

3. Preparation 

  • Select appropriate drug, brand, strength, form, quantity
  • Repackage when necessary
  • Prepare when necessary (reconstitute or compound from raw ingredients)
  • Review expiry, instructions
  • Apply cautionary labels
  • Complete documentation and records
  • Organize counseling aids (e.g. written materials)

4. Technical Check (Is the prescription filled accurately?) 

  • Ensure correct drug, brand, strength, form, quantity
  • Ensure correct formula/methodology has been used for compounded products
  • Confirm successful medical insurance processing

5. Supply and Educate 

  • Confirm patient identity
  • Educate the patient/caregiver on the appropriate use of the medication
  • Clarify any patient issues & questions
  • Obtain patient/caregiver signature for supply when necessary
  • Provide additional information and advice to a patient on their condition

Never be afraid to ask your pharmacist a question.  Your safety is your pharmacist’s number one concern.


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