At Primrose Pharmacy, both Lorraine and Jackie are authorized to administer drugs by injection. Both carry a Certificate of Injection as approved by the Alberta College of Pharmacists.

You can now purchase your injectables and have it injected at the pharmacy which prevents any hassle of transport to your doctor’s office and eliminates storage issues as some injectables require refrigeration.

The pharmacist can administer some injections such as vaccines, travel immunizations, pre-filled injectables, intramuscular & subcutaneous injections and we now offer and administer the annual flu (influenza) vaccine.

No appointments are required.

Appointments can be prearranged or we can often administer an injection on a walk- in basis. You can either visit our pharmacy or call us 780-487-7270 to discuss dates that are open.  Please wear appropriate clothing for your injection and have your Alberta Health Care Card upon visiting. You will be required to fill out paperwork prior to your injection appointment and must stay in the pharmacy 15-30 minutes for monitoring after injection. Please allot enough time for your appointment.

It is best to give us a day or two prior to your appointment to ensure we have your vaccine in stock.

At this time we only provide injections for patients 12 years of age and older. 

Some injections we offer include:


  • Herpes Zoster [Shingles Vaccine] – Zostavax *** new
  • Tetanus & Diphtheria – Adacel
  • Hepatitis A & B – Havrix, Twinrix, Energix-B
  • Typhoid – Typhim Vi, Vivotif Oral
  • Human Papillomavirus – Cervarix Gardasil
  • Pneumococcal – Pneumovax
  • Travellers Diarrhea/Cholera – Dukoral (oral)
  • Vitamin B12
  • Risperal Consta
  • Invega Sustenna
  • Fragmin, Lovenox
  • Botox – for sale only
  • Annual flu (influenza) vaccine