Drug Plans


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Drug Plans

Primrose I.D.A. Pharmacy offers direct online billing or receipts for those who submit their claims for reimbursement later. We also carry Alberta Blue Cross forms in the dispensary for your convenience. Here are some of the drug plans we accept at our pharmacy:

Drug Plans
Blister Packing, Safe Drug Disposal

When it comes to our valued customers’ health, we strive to provide the best home health care plans, and a team of specialists to assist them in the use and care of such plans. 



Our Coverage

To ensure efficient service please have your drug cards presented at the time of filling your prescription and please inform us if there have been any changes to your plan. We will do everything we can to bill your prescriptions online hassle-free.

Plans do not update automatically when changed, new cards must be brought to our attention. If you are not sure if your plan falls under one of these companies feel free to ask our pharmacy staff.

We also offer official receipts at your request for income tax purposes.


Drug Plans from our pharmacy:

Call us at 780-487-7270 to talk to Dimitri Kachenyuk for any concerns or recommondations