Medication Customization Services

When it comes to medication, you can choose how it is given and presented to you. Here’s what your pharmacist can do.

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Your medication should work for you

Sticking to your medication isn’t always a walk in the park. Your pharmacist is here to make minor or major adjustments to your therapy or provide you with custom formulas and innovative packaging to make it all easier. 

Therapy Adjustments

If you have been taking medication for a while, your pharmacist can adjust your therapy to fit with your needs and lifestyle even more. .

Customized Medication

When it comes to medication, the one-size-fits-all approach does not always cut it. Some medication are available in different formats, sizes, flavours and custom dosages based on your personal preferences.

Customized Packaging

Like your medication, packaging can also correspond to your needs and situation. Your pharmacist can print larger labels and make sure your bottle is easy to open if you have poor motor skills.


At Primrose Pharmacy, we offer blister packaging services that organize your multiple medications in an easy to use punch-out package. Blister pack use results in safer and easier medication therapy. We even blister pack your personal vitamins and supplements FREE of charge, regardless of where your purchase these items. Here are some of the many reasons this program may be right for you

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