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Always by your side, helping our community with great service and professional attitude!

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About Primrose IDA Pharmacy

Healthcare at the Centre of Your Community

Our team at the centre of your community aim to provide the best service and quality care possible. Our many years of expertise enables us to accurately fill your prescription and provide you with guidance and care, so that you can move forward with full confidence and comfortability in your treatment plan.

We offer our customers a wide range of health services and products. This includes medication compounding, vitamins and supplements, consultations, chronic disease management, health and wellness guidance, home products, and cosmetic products, among many other solutions and services.

About Our Pharmacist

Progressively improving for a better world.

Our  Primrose Pharmacist is an important member of your healthcare team. They are able to do so much more than just fill your prescriptions. In fact, your pharmacist is able to review of your current and past medications, guide you through specialty packaging and understand certain guidelines, translate medical jargon, walk you through prescription compounding, provide flu shot services and immunizations, organize home delivery, and even prescribe vitamins and over-the-counter medication for minor ailments.

As the most accessible member of your healthcare team, your pharmacist is always available to provide you with advice and guidance – especially when you need it most. Our team of pharmacists are more accessible than your primary care doctor and can often connect with your doctor between visits to advocate directly on your behalf. 

Whether you’re caring for yourself or a loved one, we’re here to help you with what matters most. To learn more about the programs and offerings available, visit Primrose Pharmacy today. We have supported our community in Edmonton for many years.

“It is health that is the real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver.”